BWP Distribution Shipping

US Shipping

$8.95 Flat Rate Shipping (No Rims)

All US orders up to $500.00 that do not contain rims will ship with USPS First Class or Priority Mail for aflat rate of $7.95. If your order is $25.00, shipping will be $7.95. If your order is $499.00, shipping will be $7.95. Sometimes we will make a few dollars on shipping and sometimes we will lose a few dollars on shipping. Please do not ask us to refund you because you know the actual cost was less than $7.95. Both First Class and Priority Mail contain full tracking information and are very reliable. USPS almost always delivers to US addresses within three business days, and sometimes less. If you would like to pay more for a faster delivery with USPS or FedEx, please email us for a quote. USPS Express Mail is almost always a waste of money, as it rarely beats First Class or Priority by more than one day. FedEx 2-day and next day service are very expensive, but it’s your money.

$500.00 Free Shipping

All US orders over $500.00 that do not contain rims will ship for free.

Rim Shipping

All orders that contain rims will ship with USPS Priority, USPS Parcel Select, or Federal Express. Shipping rates will be based on your location and the number of rims you purchase. Whenever possible, hubs, spokes, and other items will ship in the same box as rims. If that is not possible, we will cover the additional shipping cost for those items in your order. Shipping rims is not cheap, especially since FedEx and UPS adopted dimensional weighting this year. USPS Parcel Select is a relatively inexpensive alternative for shipping rims, and one we will use whenever possible. USPS Parcel service can, however, take 5-8 business days for delivery, and sometimes longer (although UPS can also be dreadfully slow). Unless you specify otherwise and are willing to pay more, we will always use the least expensive shipping method available to us.

International Shipping

All international orders will ship with USPS international shipping services. All forms of USPS international shipping are very reliable. Over the past several years, we have shipped several thousand international packages. Very few of these have been lost or damaged. However, please take note of the following: USPS will ship the package to your country. Once it arrives in your country, it is up to your country's customs and postal officials to deliver it to you. We have no control over how long it will take for your package to be processed through customs or be delivered by your postal service. It goes without saying that we cannot guarantee a delivery date. We also can do very little to track down your package should it be delayed for some reason. It generally takes USPS 2-5 weeks to complete an inquiry into the whereabouts of a international shipment. Packages are almost always delivered before such inquiries are completed. Finally, we have no control over any import duties or taxes you might have to pay. If you have questions about where your package is after it leaves the United States, the first place to start is your local post office.

USPS First Class International (under $250.00, no rims)

First Class International is an inexpensive and very reliable method for shipping small orders of hubs and spokes. It is the most popular method for shipping such orders internationally. However, while tracking has improved greatly, once the package leaves the United States - usually through Miami - tracking information is sometimes limited. In some cases, we cannot track packages after they leave the United States at all. While mostpackages are delivered within 7-14 days, some take much longer, up to six weeks. That is quite rare, but it is possible. Please wait at least four weeks before contacting us. If the USPS tracking information shows that your package has been processed through Miami or New York, it has almost certainly left the United States and very likely has arrived in your country. Please do not contact us to ask why your package is "stuck" in Miami or where it might be. It is on its way to you. If you must have your order in under 10 days, we recommend Express Mail International (see below) – although even that cannot be guaranteed.

We use the following flat rates for First Class International for all countries (except Canada, which is a little less expensive).

Under 500 grams: $19.95

500-1000 grams: $24.95

1000-1500 grams: $29.95

Priority Mail and Express Mail International (all orders over $250, including rims)

Priority Mail and Express Mail International are very reliable shipping methods that offer tracking information to the destination. In general, packages shipped with Priority Mail take 7-10 business days for delivery. Express Mail is somewhat faster, with an average of 5-7 business days for delivery. Both can, however, take longer, especially if they are delayed by customs or your local postal service. The first pound (c.450 grams) is quite expensive - about $50 for Priority Mail and $60 for Express Mail (Canadian rates are about 20% lower) Each additional pound, however, is only $3-5 dollars. Keep in mind that an empty rim box weighs almost two pounds. Shipping one rim can cost somewhere between $50-55, depending on which service you choose. Each additional rim adds only $3-5 to the shipping cost, so it's always best to order as many rims as possible. Due to limitations of our shipping calculator, hubs and spokes ride along with rims at no extra cost. We can, however, only ship 6-7 hubsets with any rim shipment.

BWP Distribution Return Policy

You may return purchases at your expense within 10 days of receipt in new, unused condition. All returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. If we made an error or the product arrived damaged or defective, we will cover all return shipping costs. Spokes may only be returned if they are in absolutely new condition – no spoke prep, bends, or signs of use at all. Before returning any item, please contact us at

BWP Distribution Warranty Policy

All products carry a one-year warranty from the date of purchase (not date of delivery). We will process any warranty claims within the first year. While we will warranty rims for the first year, we will only pay return shipping during the six month period after the purchase. We experience very few problems with rims, and those we have seen almost always occur within the first few months. To process a warranty claim, please send an email to with a description of the issue and close-up pictures. If necessary, we may ask you to send the product back to us, but that usually is not necessary.